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hogmany  ….there it was again.that last day of the year
as it comes at the death of every year.the house draws people to
itself like a lonely old whore.looks long gone and the facade
crumbling but offering space and companionship to anyone willing to
ignore the crumbling facade.
people ,people it craves, life.the house once…

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New friend,crypto part and campaign set up

New friend,crypto part and campaign set up

The last few days have been more eventful the usual for my quiet lifestyle.Yesterday I attended a crypto party  http://57north.co/wiki/Cryptoparty and more info here.I intend to keep going and learn as much as possible.Afterwards I met a young Professor from Teheran called Vah, who is doing his PHD at Aberdeen Uni ,for coffee. A day both interesting ,fun and educational all in.

I also set up a…

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